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IP 377: Petroleum products - Determination of aluminium and silicon in fuel oils - Inductively coupled plasma emission and atomic absorption spectroscopy methods

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This international Standard specifies a method for determining the aluminium and silicon contents of fuel oils at concentrations between 5 mg/kg and 150 mg/kg for aluminium and 10 mg/kg and 250 mg/kg for silicon using inductively coupled plasma emission and atomic absorption spectroscopy.

(Reapproved 2014)

  • Published: April 1995
  • REF/ISBN: IP377-2936900
  • Status: Current
  • IP: 377
  • BSI: 2000 : 377
  • ISO: 10478
  • Categories: IP Test methods

Standard Methods for the Analysis and Testing of Petroleum Products and British Standard 2000 Parts 

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