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IP 435: Determination of the freezing point of aviation turbine fuels by the automatic phase transition method

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This standard specifies a procedure for the determination of the temperature below which solid hydrocarbon crystals are present in aviation turbine fuels. The procedure employs an automatic instrument which uses the scatter of reflected light to determine the presence and disappearance of solid hydrocarbon crystals. The standard is applicable to aviation turbine fuels with freezing points in the range of -42 °C to -65 °C. For kerosine-type aviation turbine fuels with freezing points above -59 °C, the results for this procedure show no relative bias from those obtained using IP 16, but a small (less than 3 °C) positive bias has been observed for samples of wide-cut aviation turbine fuels (Jet B and JP 4) with lower freezing points.

  • Published: February 2015
  • REF/ISBN: IP435-2937259
  • Status: Current
  • Categories: IP Test methods

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