An investigation into suitable instruments for the measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) for rapid detection of hot spots in vapour recovery unit (VRU) carbon beds

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  • Published: March 2005
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852934357
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

The investigation detailed in this report was commissioned by the Energy Institute's Distribution and Marketing Committee, from Mowlem Engineering Solutions, to provide terminal operators with information on the ability of a range of instruments to meet specific operational requirements.

The report describes the results of an investigation into the validity of using instruments to monitor carbon monoxide in the vent emissions from gasoline vapour recovery units, as a means of detecting carbon bed hot spots. It considers whether there is evidence to support use of carbon monoxide measurements in principle, and evaluates the types of instrument that could be used. The work is primarily based on the experience of petroleum distribution terminal operators, vapour recovery unit manufacturers and service organisations. This is supplemented by information from carbon suppliers and the manufacturers of carbon monoxide monitoring instruments, particularly those instruments which have been used in this application.

Essential reading for petroleum distribution terminal operators, vapour recovery unit manufacturers and service organisations as well as manufacturers and users of carbon monoxide monitoring instruments.

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