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Become an Accredited Tripod Practitioner

Tripod Beta investigation

Tripod Beta is a robust and powerful tool for incident investigation, however requires a high level of understanding and competence to be used effectively.

Tripod Accreditation was developed to:

Accredited Tripod Beta Practitioners will be assessed by Tripod specialists, and certified by the EI.

Who should be accredited?

Primarily those involved in accident investigation and analysis should become Accredited Tripod Practitioners.

The accreditation process

To help ensure the competence of those using the Tripod methodology, the Stichting Tripod Foundation has developed five levels of Tripod Accreditation: three Practitioner levels, for those who want to use Tripod Beta in accident investigations, and two supporting levels for those who would like to support users through delivering training courses or supporting the accreditation process.

The practitioner levels are subdivided into Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will be awarded with a certificate recognising your achievement when you have passed each level. During this process, you will:

Reports will be assessed by an experienced Tripod specialist, and feedback provided, enabling you to improve and ultimately be confident in your ability to use Tripod Beta in incident investigations.

Bronze Tripod Beta Practitioner

Achieving this level means that you have a theoretical understanding of the Tripod Beta methodology and terminology. You will be able to read Tripod diagrams and reports, and be able to assist incident investigation/analysis as a team member. Assessment will be through an exam held at the end of a Tripod Beta training course.

Validity: Two years, during which you can begin Silver practitioner accreditation.

Silver Tripod Beta Practitioner

 At this level you have demonstrated that you can competently create a Tripod analysis from a case study, and will be expected to facilitate simple/low potential investigations. Assessment is through a report and partial Tripod diagram at which you have two attempts to be considered competent.

Validity: Two years, during which you can begin Gold practitioner accreditation. If you need to renew your Silver Practitioner status, you will need to show evidence that you have participated in a Tripod investigation/analysis, or attended Tripod workshops or training.

Gold Tripod Beta Practitioner

At this level you will have independently conducted a full Tripod analysis of an incident, and will be able to lead on Tripod analyses. You will be expected to facilitate complex/high potential incident investigations. Assessment is through a written report and complete Tripod diagram for which you have one attempt to be considered competent.

Validity: Five years, see the Tripod Beta Practitioner certification process for full details of reaccreditation.

Download the Tripod Beta Practitioner certification process for full details.

Further information:

For Bronze accreditation prices check with the trainer hosting your training course. If you do not see a suitable location, please contact tripod@energyinst.org for recommendations about which trainer to contact.

Silver and Gold accreditation are ‎350.00 individually, and ‎650.00 for both if paid at the same time. Please contact tripod@energyinst.orgto start either one of these.

Accredited Tripod Trainer 

A fully accredited trainer capable of delivering accredited Tripod Beta training courses. Trainers help people to become Associate Practitioners.

Tripod Assessor 

A Tripod specialist overseeing accreditation of trainers and practitioners. Assessors are renowned experts in the field of Tripod.

Please contact tripod@energyinst.org for more information about becoming a Tripod trainer or assessor.