Petroleum road tanker design and construction

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  • Published: April 2010
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852935545
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Status: Current

This publication is essential reading for all those involved in the design, operation, management, and maintenance of petroleum road tanker fleets, and all those involved in the manufacture of vehicles, tanks, service equipment and electronic equipment used on petroleum road tankers.

It provides comprehensive recommendations for the design and construction of complete road tankers for the conveyance of petrol, kerosene, diesel and gas oil. Certain recommendations may also be applicable to other petroleum products. Specific recommendations are given concerning the precautions that should be taken for road tankers intended for the carriage of aviation fuels, aviation gasoline (AvGas) and aviation turbine fuel (AvTur). The scope of this publication also covers certain aspects for the transport of denatured ethanol.

In particular, the publication:

  • aligns its recommendations with ADR;
  • includes the design conditions of HSE L93 Approved tank requirements. The provisions for bottom loading and vapour recovery systems of mobile containers carrying petrol (ATR), expanded as necessary;
  • refers to the relevant CEN standards for tanks and their service equipment;
  • takes account of the CEN TR 15120 for operating conditions in a UK context;
  • takes account of all other legislation relevant to petroleum tankers (excluding construction and use), standards and industry codes;
  • documents good practice in tanker design, including that gained through operational experience;
  • expands on the relevant technical references; and
  • provides informative notes for recommendations that could otherwise appear obscure.

The technical recommendations of this publication may be required under an industry safe loading pass scheme, for example that operated in the UK by the major participating oil companies (for further information, see

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