Hearts and Minds is based off of academic theory and research...
... and the profits generated by the sale of the Hearts and Minds toolkit are used to update and extend it by funding research and development, aimed at helping companies improve their HSE performance.


Click here for a list of papers and doctoral theses. These document the theory behind Hearts and Minds, or have been produced as a result of Hearts and Minds funding.

Current research:

The paradox of safety: Challenging the current paradigms of organisation and leadership in the prevention of disasters from high hazard technologies.

A Cranfield University School of Management Project sponsored by the Energy Institute, this project builds on previous Hearts and Minds research by providing an insight into management practices at a company with an excellent record of safe operations. It considers the seemingly paradoxical need for an organisation to be simultaneously hierarchical - with a strict command and control style leadership - and flexible with adaptive leadership.

Completed research:

Learning from incidents and implementing action.

Researchers from the Open University are researching into how to measure learning, how learning spreads in the organisation, and reflective learning.

Learning from incidents: A social approach to reducing incidents in the workplace This research project was carried out by the Caledonian Academy, Glasgow Caledonian University in collaboration with the Energy Institute (EI) and Shell International BV. It is based on three real-life testbeds in Shell, BP and ConocoPhillips. It is currently being built on as part of further research projects.

Safety leadership in the energy industry: The development and testing of a framework outlining key behaviours of senior managers.

This research program was carried out in coordination with the Energy Institute and Shell. Completed in 2013.

The relationship between psychological safety, human performance and HSE performance