EI - Hearts and minds

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The toolkit

The Hearts and Minds toolkit can help you implement proactive interventions to develop a strong safety culture.  Each tool generally focuses on a single issue (see the roadmap for more information).

Click on each tool to find out more about how it is used.

Understand your culture and prepare people for change

Understanding your HSE cultureUnderstanding your culture onlineUnderstanding your energy cultureMaking
change last
Understanding your HSE culture
understanding your energy cultureMaking change last

Learn from incidents

Learning from incidentsReflective learning
incidents (LFI)
- online training course
Reflective LFI engagement sessions -
Video toolkit to help teams learn
Learning from incidentsLFI e-learning course

Improve practices and procedures: why are rules not being followed?

Managing rule breaking
Swiss Cheese Model 

Improve leadership

Improving supervision
Improving supervision

Understand and manage your hazards and risks

Risk assessment matrixAchieving situational awarenessWorking safelyDriving for excellence
Risk Assessment MatrixASAWorking safely
Driving for excellence