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SAFE: Safety appraisals for everyone

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SAFE is a fully online 360 degrees appraisal system, based on the Hearts and Minds Seeing yourself as others see you methodology.  It is designed to help leaders understand their safety behaviour and improve, as well as allow you to understand the average safety behaviour across the organisation.

We all like to believe that we are effective at communicating what is important to us, and how we would like our team to be working. To find out how others see us, the SAFE 360 degree appraisal process compares how you see yourself with how other people see you.

It focuses on four key aspects of management:

  • Walking the Talk - actions speak louder than words.  People don't see your intentions, which is why you always need to be seen to do the right thing, matching the 'talk' (what you say) to the 'walk' (what you do).
  • Informedness - knowing what is going on.  Accepting good as well as bad news, so not blaming the messenger, is vital.  Managers who are believed only to want good news will eventually get the bad news, but by then it will be too late.
  • Trust - vital to effective management.  Managers must trust their workforce and earn trust in return by being consistent.  Trust is precious, hard to win and easy to destroy.
  • Priorities - what managers focus on affects the behaviour of others.  In business, priorities change even when values remain constant, this means that it is easy to send mixed messages.

How to use

SAFE homepage

SAFE is used for improving safety leadership, and so is suitable for managers and supervisors.

Managers and safety leaders undergo a SAFE appraisal under the direction of a ‘Guardian’ (e.g. a their line manager).  They compare their own perceptions of their behaviour to their colleagues'  and direct reports' perceptions, helping them to see themselves as others see them. With the assistance of their Guardian, leaders build an action plan to improve their safety behaviour.

Leaders normally undergo a continuous process of professional development (such as perofrmance contracts, yearly reviews, etc.).  SAFE can be built into existing professional development processes and undergone on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Further information

For further information and prices for using SAFE, please contact heartsandminds@energyinst.org

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