EI 1535 Minimum criteria to determine acceptability of additives for use in multi-product pipelines co-transporting jet fuel, 4th edition

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  • Published: December 2022
  • Edition: 4th
  • Status: Current

This publication describes the minimum risk management information required from suppliers and shippers of additive-containing products in multi-product pipeline systems that co-transport jet fuel to demonstrate to pipeline operators and other interested parties that these products will not subsequently adversely affect jet fuel or have an adverse effect on pipeline operations.

This publication is intended for use internationally by pipeline operators, fuel suppliers and additive companies who are involved in fuel supply through multi-product pipelines where jet fuel is co-transported with other distillate fuels, gasoline grades and clean fuel components.

The key changes proposed in this draft fourth edition are:

− A significant update to the ‘water mapping screening’ procedure to assess the impact on filter/water separator water removal performance of a candidate additive.

− Clarification that ‘water mapping screening’ is not necessary if a pipeline trial (which is optional) has been undertaken.

− Clarification that the scope is limited to surfactant additives only.

Any technical feedback on the draft is welcome. Please submit any comments using the template provided to mhunnybun@energyinst.org Any submissions received by 16 January 2023 will be considered as the publication is finalised.

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