HM 34. List of data required for a comprehensive evaluation of a liquid flowmeter

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  • Published: December 2018
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787250567
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Status: Current

Although this document is described as a list of data required for a comprehensive evaluation
of a flowmeter, it is really much more than that. Its purpose is to pose all the questions that
need to be answered before a flowmeter can be regarded as fully characterised. It is not
envisaged that they should all be answered at once in one large evaluation procedure, since
that would be prohibitively expensive.

Many of them, however, are of such a simple nature that answering them should not present
any difficulty at all, and it is reasonable for a purchaser to expect that, when a meter has been
on the market for a few years, the manufacturer should have accumulated enough data to
give a factual answer to the rest.

Among other things, this list of questions should serve the following purposes:

  • To remind manufacturers of the many things they need to know about their meters
    before they can regard their knowledge as complete.
  • To provide a check-list for intending purchasers on which they can base their requests
    for information from prospective suppliers.
  • To standardise ambiguous phraseology, particularly with regard to accuracy and
    related properties, which all too often prove a hindrance to clear thinking when the
    properties of flowmeters are being discussed.

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