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Become an Accredited Tripod Practitioner

A Tripod Beta Practitioner investigates and analyses incidents using the Tripod theory of incident causation.

Whilst awareness of Tripod can be quickly gained, practical application is needed to build the skill and knowledge required to make effective use of the tool.

Tripod Beta Practitioner Accreditation is a means to build these skills, through a blend of support, coaching and assessment. Feedback is provided on Tripod incident investigation reports, giving the Practitioner the opportunity to hone their skills and become confident in their ability to use Tripod effectively.

Why become accredited?

Theory to practice: Put your knowledge into practice under the watchful eye of an expert accident investigator.  The process has been designed to help build capability gradually.

Independent demonstration of capability: Practitioner capability is verified by an external Tripod Assessor (certified by the Stichting Tripod Foundation). Successful assessment leads to accreditation as a ‘Gold Tripod Beta Practitioner’.

Independent recognition: Once accredited, you will be awarded a certificate and can be publicly listed on the EI’s database of Accredited Practitioners. This leads to both internal and external recognition of your skill set.

What level is right for you?

There are five levels of accreditation: three for practitioners, and two supporting levels for trainers and assessors.

Accreditation level Typical competence attained Choose this level if: How to achieve this level

Bronze Tripod Beta Practitioner

You have a theoretical understanding of the Tripod Beta methodology and terminology.

You will be able to read Tripod diagrams and reports, and be able to assist incident investigation/analysis as a team member.

You need to be able to
read Tripod reports (e.g. to review investigation findings).

You will be assisting
investigation /analysis as a team member.

Assessment will ordinarily be through an exam held at the end of a Tripod Beta training course.

Validity: Two years, during which you can begin Silver practitioner accreditation.

Silver Tripod Beta Practitioner

You have demonstrated that you can competently create a Tripod analysis from a case study.

Can assist in Tripod analysis.
You will be expected to facilitate simple/low potential investigations. Assessment is through submittal of a Tripod report and Tripod diagram, based on a case study of an incident.  Submitted in three parts, with coaching provided by a Tripod assessor.  

Validity: Two years, during which you can begin Gold practitioner accreditation.  If you need to renew your Silver Practitioner status, you will need to show evidence that you have participated in a Tripod investigation/analysis, or attended Tripod workshops or training.

Gold Tripod Beta Practitioner

You will have independently conducted a full Tripod analysis of an incident.  

You will be able to lead on Tripod analyses.
You are expected to
facilitate complex/high
potential incident

Assessment is through submittal of a Tripod report of either a historical incident or a real incident investigation.  Two attempts are allowed, although the first attempt needs to be of a good standard in order to continue.

Validity: Five years, see the Tripod Beta Practitioner certification process for full details of reaccreditation.

Accredited Tripod Trainer

A fully accredited trainer capable of delivering accredited Tripod Beta training courses. Trainers help people to become Associate Practitioners.

You are an experienced Gold practitioner.

You wish to deliver Tripod training. Assessment is through delivery of a Tripod course, attended by a Tripod assessor.

Tripod Assessor

A Tripod specialist overseeing accreditation of trainers and practitioners. Assessors are renowned experts in the field of Tripod.

You wish to assess Silver and Gold practitioners. Assessors are appointed by invitation of the Stichting Tripod Foundation and through the assessment of two Tripod reports.

Further information:

Download the full Tripod Beta Practitioner certification process here.

For Bronze accreditation prices check with the trainer hosting your training course. If you do not see a suitable location, please contact tripod@energyinst.org for recommendations about which trainer to contact.

Silver and Gold accreditation are £312.00 individually, and ‎£580.00 for both if paid at the same time. Please contact tripod@energyinst.org to start either one of these.

Please contact tripod@energyinst.org for more information about becoming a Tripod trainer or assessor.