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Copyright statement

The Stitching Tripod Foundation (STF) is the copyright owner of Tripod Beta, Tripod Sigma and Tripod Delta. Ownership of copyright was assigned to the STF by Shell International Exploration and Production B.V. in 1998.

Copyrighted material includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tripod Beta: Guidance on using Tripod Beta in the investigation and analysis of incidents, accidents and event, published by the Energy Institute, including its drawings and figures, as well as the design of Tripod symbols and iconography.
  • Tripod Delta: question set.
  • Annex I: Caused by… Leads to… booklet.
  • STF training: slides, syllabus and examination papers.

The Tripod logo is a registered trademark of the STF.

Aims of the Stichting Tripod Foundation

The aim of the STF is to promote the sensible use of Tripod-based technologies. As a non-commercial entity, the STF does not wish to unduly restrict the use of its copyrighted material when it is being used to promote the sensible use of Tripod. The following text sets out the terms and conditions under which STF gives license to third parties to make use of this copyrighted material, along with guidance on its use.

Terms and conditions of use

STF permits usage of its copyright to accredited Bronze, Silver, and Gold Practitioners, accredited Trainers and Assessors, approved software providers, and grants a limited license to non-accredited third parties, to use its copyrighted material, subject to the following terms and conditions.  The examples given below are not inclusive and, in case of questions, clarifications or information on usage of Tripod Beta, Tripod Sigma and Tripod Delta, please contact the STF e:

Usage of the ‘Tripod Beta manual’

  • Tripod Beta: Guidance on using Tripod Beta in the investigation and analysis of incidents, accidents and event, published by the Energy Institute, is a copyrighted work and subject to copyright law.  Previous editions (formerly called Tripod Beta User Guide) are also copyrighted works and must not be made publically available (online or in hard copy) by parties other than the STF or Energy Institute.
  • It is recommended that out-of-date (pre-version 5.0) material is disused.

Non-commercial investigation

  • STF permits usage of Tripod Beta-related copyrighted material for use by first parties (e.g. operating companies) to carry out incident investigations in a non-commercial capacity.  However it is strongly advised that users are trained and accredited practitioners (see for more information).

Commercial investigation

  • STF permits usage of Tripod Beta for use by accredited Bronze, Silver and Gold Practitioners, and accredited Tripod Trainers and Assessors, acting as third-(or first)-party investigators, to carry out incident investigations in a commercial-capacity.
  • It is recommended that Gold practitioners may lead investigations, Bronze and Silver practitioners may assist them but should be supervised.

Research, writing and academia

  • STF grants license to universities and similar educational establishments, to include Tripod as part of a lecture on incident investigation as an example of an analysis method (see ‘Training’).
  • STF grants license to individuals to make use of Tripod in research and academic writing.
  • STF does not automatically grant license to authors wishing to include information on Tripod in published works.  Please contact the STF e: to seek permission if you wish to include Tripod in a published work (permission will not be unreasonably withheld).


  • STF grants license to accredited Tripod Trainers to teach the Tripod Beta methodology in full, and to make use of copyrighted material (including diagrams, slides, and examination papers) to do so.
  • Non-accredited Trainers may not teach the Tripod Beta methodology in full, but may teach an overview of the methodology, for example when teaching usage of approved Tripod software, or providing training on multiple investigation methodologies, so long as the Tripod Beta component does not amount to more than 3 hours of teaching and is not the main focus of the training course.

Adaptation, use of name and logo

  • Users are prohibited from adapting the Tripod methodologies, using the ‘Tripod’ name for related concepts, or using the Tripod logo, without permission of the STF. (Note that accredited Trainers have permission to use the Tripod logo).


  • Users are prohibited from including the Tripod Beta methodology in commercial and/or publically available software, without the approval of the STF.


  • STF permits the inclusion of Tripod copyrighted material in conference presentations delivered by organisations that have accredited practitioners (Bronze, Silver or Gold Practitioners).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is Tripod Beta in the public domain?  Therefore can I use the figures and drawings?

  • A) Tripod Beta is publically available, but not in the public domain. Public domain is material that is either out of copyright (in general copyright lasts for 70 years) or has been specifically placed in the public domain for free use. ‘Harry Potter’ books are publically available and can be read, reviewed, written about, etc., but cannot be republished, recorded and sold, or otherwise plagiarised without the permission of the copyright holder. The same is also true of Tripod.  See Wikipedia for more information on public domain works .

Q) I am using Tripod Beta internally in my company using stencils I have download from the internet.  Is this OK?

  • A) Yes, so long as you are using those that are approved by the STF (listed on the STF website) or are otherwise non-commercial.

Q) I downloaded my copy of the old Tripod Beta manual from the internet so can I use that, as it is freely available?

  • A) Just because you downloaded this from the internet does not mean it is out of copyright. There are out-of-date copies of previous editions of the Tripod manual on the web but the pdf file still carries the STF copyright. We have asked those site holders, we are aware of, to remove the files as they do not have our permission to distribute our material, even free of charge. Furthermore, you are using out of date information on how to analyse your incidents. If you are doing this internally it is not the best for your company.  If you are doing it commercially you risk your business reputation.
  • The current up to date version of the Tripod Beta manual is Version 5.01 dated February 2015.

Q) I want to use an image from your copyrighted material.  What do you charge for the use of your copyright material?

  • A) We do not have a scale of charges and in general we are guided by our aim to promote the sensible use of Tripod-based technologies. If your reason to use the material aligns with our aims then we will likely to just want you to acknowledge the source of the material.  Please contact us to discuss this.