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Tripod Delta

The human behaviour theory explains how individual acts are influenced by the influencing environment. The influencing environment within the workplace can be summarised as 11 Basic Risk Factors:

Design Hardware Maintenance management Housekeeping Error enforcing conditions Procedures Training Communication Incompatible goals Organisation Defences

These basic risk factors help determine the psychological precursors which can lead to ‘unsafe acts’ – unsafe behaviours, either in the planning of work or its implementation. Unsafe acts are often the immediate causes of incidents – therefore we don’t need to wait until we have an incident to realise there is an issue, instead we can measure our unsafe acts.

Tripod Delta methodology

Tripod Delta is a scientifically developed and proven means of measuring performance and determining which areas of the business are vulnerable to incidents – before they happen!

Comprising of a database of 1500 questions, it does this by asking companies to answer a random selection of 275 of these. Each question is about the occurrence of an unsafe act, and when responses are examined it is possible to determine which basic risk factors – i.e. which organisational issues – the organisation is performing well in and where improvement is needed, based on answers to these questions.

Further information

Tripod Delta question sets are currently licensed out by the Stichting Tripod Foundation.

Please contact to find out more.