EI - Tripod

Who is using Tripod Beta?

On average, 41 organisations every year are trained to use Tripod Beta.

Bronze Practitioners

Bronze Practitioners have been trained in Tripod Beta.  They have gained a theoretical understanding of Tripod Beta, can read Tripod diagrams, and can assist in investigations as a team member.

There are currently over 2280 Bronze Practitioners (since 2013).

Silver Practitioners

Silver Practitioners have submitted and been assessed on a Tripod report, usually based on a case study.  They have a practical understanding of Tripod Beta and can assist in investigations or lead on smaller investigations.

There are currently 60 Silver Practitioners, including those below:

Name Email Organisation
Andrea Ferdinands   Centrica PLC
Harry Legdeur Harrie.Legdeur@klm.com KLM - Integral Safety Service Organisation
Ir. Mohamad Khalil Ishak khalil@khalilsafety.com Khalil Safety Consulltant SDN BHD
Khary Fermin khary.fermin@centrica.com Centrica PLC
Lee Parlett lee.parlett@networkrail.co.uk Network Rail
Robert Millman robert.millman@centrica.com Centrica E&P
Rune Botnevik  
Stephanie Asgill Stephanie.asgill@shell.com Shell
Joost Michelhoff Joost.Michelhoff@advisafe.comAdviSafe
Steve BlomSteve.Blom@straitnz.co.nzStraitNZ
Mohd Nazri Yusof mnazri.yusof@petronas.comPetronas
Eike Peltzer LyondellBasell
Gladys IkhaloEGladys.ikhalo@shell.comShell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria
Patrick VanrolleghemPatrick.Vanrolleghem@avr.nlAVR-Afvalverwerking B.V
Mohamad Asyraf bin Mohamad Khalilasyraf@khaliltrading.com.my 
Ahmad Zaidi B Jahaidiahmadzaidi.jahaidi@petronas.comPETRONAS
Muhammad Hidayah Che Hashimmhidayah_chashim@petronas.com.myPETRONAS

Gold Tripod Beta Practitioners 

Gold Practitioners have been assessed on two Tripod analyses.  They have a good understanding of the Tripod Beta methodology and can work independently, leading on more complex investigations.

There are currently 45 Gold Practitioners, including those below:

Name Email Company
Ben Chong   H M The Sultan's Flight
Christopher Hewlett   Thorpefield Partnership Limited
Daphne Wentink   Shell / NAM
Gerard Bos Gerard.Bos@advisafe.com Advisafe Risk Management
Han Verhagen han.verhagen@alliander.com Alliander
Hay Janssen info@hay-janssen.nl HJ-VMEO
Henk de Raadt   ProRail
Joseph John V   
Drs. ing. Mario P.M. Schoonderwoerd MCDminfo@mpms-advies.nlMPMS, The Netherlands
Marjanne Verhagen   
Mieke H.Godfried   Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam
Ona Ogbonna onaedoata@gmail.com Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company
Remko Schulte remko.schulte@xxact.nl XXact Safety Solutions B.V.
Robert Millman robert.millman@centrica.com Centrica E&P
Ryanne Metcalf ryannemetcalf@gmail.com BC Hydro
Serge Jacobs serge.jacobs@engie.com ENGIE
Stefani Kirchhoffstefani.kirchhoff@yahoo.comShell Oil Company US
Wietze Jansen swjansen@pionpartners.nl Pion Partners
Mohamad Khalil Ishakkhalil.ksc@gmail.comKhalil Safety Consultant
Happy Iyomi h.iyomi@shell.com; happy.iyomi@gmail.comShell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria Limited
Olga Semenchikologgka@gmail.comSakhalin Energy
Christiaan Rademakers Shell
Boon Hwee Chanboonhweechan@hotmail.comPetronas
Martin Schuchmannmartin.schuchmann@nl.abb.comAsea Brown Boveri
Bob Fox (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)bobfox@telkomsa.net 
Uche Davidson Igbokwe (Tripod Trainer)uchechukwudavidsons@yahoo.com 
Mark Cowan (Tripod Trainer)mark.cowan@worleyparsons.com 
Peter Berlie (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)berlie@kritericon.com 
Yolanda de Graaf (Tripod Trainer)ydegraaf@xs4all.nl 
Oscar Diederich (Tripod Trainer)oscar@geniozz.com 
Lisbeth Holberg (Tripod Trainer)LH@LisbethHolberg.com 
Ed Janssen (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)EHJ.Janssen@planet.nl 
Ken Maddox (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)ken.maddox@ifb.co.uk 
Jan Pranger (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)pranger@kcbv.com 
Victor Roggeveen (Tripod Trainer)v.roggeveen@me.com 
Judica van Deenen (Tripod Trainer)judica.vandeenen@gmail.com 
Kirsten van Schaardenburgh-Verhoeve (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)kirsten@incidenteel.com 
Peter Wielaard (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)peter@betterworktogether.nl 
Sasa Kocic (Tripod Trainer)sasa.sk.kocic@gmail.com 
John Sherban (Tripod Trainer, Assessor)john.sherban@usask.ca 
William Wiseman (Tripod Trainer)wiseman.willie@yahoo.com