Better insights workshop

This tool only includes chapter 4 of the Investigation insights toolkit.  Alternatively, the full toolkit can be purchased in one package here.

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ISBN: 978 1 78725 317 9
Version: 1st (April 2022)

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Investigation insights: Better insights workshop can be carried our after the investigations and facilitated by the investigator and/or safety leader but involving other leaders and team members. This tool is a facilitator guide for the Better insights workshop - a way to engage senior leaders and others with the findings of an incident investigation, gathering their input and buy-in for recommendations and next steps. Better insights is designed to be run in a small group and encourages all participants to ‘slow down’ thinking, form their own ideas and actively engage in discussion. This short workshop has proven to be an efficient way to guide participants through the incident’s sequence of events, come up with recommendations and reflect on what they have learnt as individuals.