Judica van Deenen

Accredited Tripod BETA Practitioner / Trainer and Consultant

Location: Netherlands

Contact details: judica.vandeenen@gmail.com

Profile:Judica studied Health Sciences with a focus on Health Education. After various positions, including advisory governmental work, she joined AdviSafe in 2008. She became a member of the AdviSafe Flying Squad and is an accredited Tripod Beta practitioner and trainer. The Flying Squad was a pool of experienced investigators that were on standby 24/7, ready to be deployed on demand in the event of a process disturbance, worldwide. Her work is mainly focused on incident investigation & analysis and training with the use of Tripod Beta. Besides that, she has also been involved in projects related to risk management, emergency response, competence management, and safety culture & behaviour. As consultant, lead investigator and trainer, Judica has gained international experience in the oil and gas E&P, chemical industry, food refineries, construction industry, tank terminals, power, government, and transportation.

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