Bob Fox

Accredited Tripod BETA practitioner / trainer/ assessor

Location: Durban, South Africa

Bob is a Strichting Tripod Foundation and Energy Institute accredited Tripod Beta Trainer and by invitation of the STF Board, an appointed Assessor. His association with Tripod Beta stretches back to 1990s where his technical knowledge of road tanker operations was key to understanding operational incidents. Bob joined Shell Southern Africa in 1986 as LPG Engineering Coordinator moving into Distribution Operational Training 18 months later. A function he managed until 1998 when he founded BOHIKA CC, a risk management and learning consultancy. Africa is known to be a hostile working environment and over the years Bob facilitated numerous Tripod Beta Incident Investigations and Analyses on behalf of Shell SnA and its many contractors. Most were transport related incidents, some with multiple fatalities. Other incidents include, armed robberies, falls from height, aviation refuelling, large product spills, tankage overfills, operational disturbances with and without injury. 

Bob has had an association with the Shell Open University since 2004 delivering face to face and online learning events. He has worked with several other companies using Shell or similar HSE Management Systems. Bob has delivered Tripod Beta Workshops in Europe, Africa, middle and far eastern countries.

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