Peter Berlie

DipM MEI  RI - Accredited Tripod BETA practitioner / trainer/ assessor

Contact: Coverage area: Global. @:, M: +31 653 310 389

Profile:Peter is an experienced incident and risk management analyst, management consultant, teacher/coach, and a certified information architect, specialising in: business process (re)design and information architecture; strategic, information & communications related consulting; risk assessment and -analysis & teaching analytical techniques.  His over 35 years of business experience include a broad variety of management and consulting positions at IBM (Europe), NCR Corp. (EUR), Compuware Corp. (US) and META Group (US, EUR). He co-founded META Group Consulting Europe, founded the NL subsidiary, and was managing consultant of META Group™ Consulting (MGC), -a reintegrated spin-off of Gartner Group(US)-, before developing into an independent risk and incident management teacher, coach and consultant. He has global experience in teaching incident and risk analysis, organisational culture development and organisational learning as well as a decade of experience coaching (industrial/ transportation/ medical/ financial/ insurance) incident investigations, and has proven tutoring capacities in French, English, German and Dutch. 

Peter is certified as:

  • META Group™ Management Consultant (US) 
  • Tripod (BETA) Incident Analysis expert, as Assessor/teacher with Stg. Tripod Foundation
  • a risk management coach-consultant, and as ‘principle enterprise information architect’ (SCIA International Register),
  • registered Information Scientist (RI) with the Vereniging Register Informatici (VRI) in NL,
  • a professional Member of The Energy Institute (MEI).
  • a qualified Bow-Tie teacher/consultant, Hearts & Minds teacher/consultant, a TapRooT® Teamleader and has been working as certified as TOP-SET® senior Investigator and tutor.

He is initial member of the (Advisafe) International Incident Investigation Flying Squad (AIIFS) and is founder, owner and managing analyst of the independent consultancy Kritericon B.V.(NL).

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