TRIPOD BETA: Guidance on using Tripod Beta in the investigation and analysis of incidents, accidents and business losses

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  • Published: November 2017
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852938539
  • Edition: Version 5.1
  • Status: New

Learning from accidents and incidents is imperative for improving all business processes and performance covering quality, productivity, economic, and health, safety and environment (HS&E). The Stichting Tripod Foundation, facilitated by the Energy Institute (EI), provides a robust and powerful tool for incident investigation through Tripod Beta, and further guidance is now available for those considering, or already applying, this methodology.

The importance of learning from accidents and incidents is apparent across a diverse range of industries and organisations, and can also have a major impact on the likelihood of repeat incidents. However, all too often, investigations do not go far enough in identifying failed barriers, determining human factors and uncovering organisational weaknesses.

Tripod Beta is a robust and powerful tool for incident investigation, designed in line with the human behaviour model. It was created to help accident investigators understand the influencing environment and uncover the root organisational deficiencies that allow incidents to happen.

The new title, Tripod Beta: Guidance on using Tripod Beta in the investigation and analysis of incidents, accidents and business losses, describes the Tripod Beta accident and incident investigation and analysis methodology. It provides both step-by-step instruction and detailed guidance for new and experienced users in the application of Tripod Beta, making it suitable for anyone wishing to further understanding of accident investigation.

For more information regarding Tripod Beta, please see the Stichting Tripod Foundation

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