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  1. Searching
  2. Registration and profiles
  3. Purchasing options
  4. Shopping basket, order forms and payment explained
  5. Shipping and fulfilment
  6. Information about licences and subscriptions for online content 
  7. Refunds and returns
  8. Stay up to date: newsletters and alerts 

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1. Searching

Documents on this website can be found by using either the quick search facility in the orange toolbar, or via the topics drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Most titles have sample pages for you to preview, so you can be sure that you’re getting the right type of content.

Q. Can I search for phrases on this site?

Yes, multiple words may be searched for. For two (or more) words separated by a space, the search will find articles that include either (or any) of the words.

Q. How does the search engine work?

When you search, using a word or phrase, the search engine returns your results by ‘best match’ order, showing the matches in the database listings (title and descriptions) and full text search results (within the documents themselves).

The drop down list in the yellow toolbar enables you to specify which series of content you may wish to search. When you select a series, a list of categories may appear on the left hand side. You can use this list to filter your search further.

As a registered user of the site, you opt to receive automated updates and alerts related to each publication or title.

2. Registration and profiles

All registered users of this site have access to a profile page. This area of the site enables all users to

1. See your publications and order history

2. Change your password

3. Manage your updates and interests

4. Sign up to receive the EI publications newsletter

If you are an EI Member, you will automatically receive the full benefits for members when you login.

The profile page also recognises EI Technical Partner members, EI Committee members (who gain access to a secure working area) and any other subscriptions belonging to an individual. If you have any queries about access and permissions to content or work areas, please contact the EI Publishing Team e:

3. Purchasing options

When browsing for items, you’ll find a list of prices against each item.

A number of EI documents are freely available to everyone. Some content, such as articles from Petroleum Review or Energy World, delivered online, are free to EI Members. If you are an EI Member, please ensure that you have registered your membership details on your profile page to gain access to free content or to see membership discount prices.

List prices are shown against the available options:

Q. I wish to buy a document for someone else. Can I do this?

You have the option of having your order sent to a different address or person during the ordering process, however this facility is only available for hard copy items.

If you would like to buy a PDF document on behalf of someone else you must contact the EI first. All PDF purchases are automatically supplied through the website with a single user licence in the name of the registered account holder. The EI is able to transfer purchases, if requested within 7 days of purchasing. We therefore strongly recommend that any requests for PDF documents to be transferred to another user are made before or at the time of purchase.

If you are a book agent or reseller, additional information can be found on the bookseller page. The link is provided at the top of this page.

Q. I want to order a publication from the EI, but I don’t want to pay online. Can I do this?

Simply locate the documents you wish to order, and contact us at, The easiest way to do this is to use the shopping cart, then copy and paste your items into your email (or take a screenshot). Please include how you would like to pay for your purchases (i.e. by proforma).

4. Shopping basket, order forms and payment explained

The shopping basket is arranged into sections for you to clearly see what items you are ordering and what format you have requested these in, i.e. hard copy, PDF download, or combined (hard copy and PDF download).

Either full prices or member prices are shown in the shopping basket (depending on the status of the customer).

Q. I am an EI Member and I also have a discount code to use. How can I check that the items in my shopping basket will be discounted correctly?

When you proceed through the ordering process, you will be asked to enter any discount codes you may have for your purchases. As an EI Member, you should ensure that you log in to receive your EI Member discount (the order process contains a prompt for EI Members to do so before proceeding to the order confirmation and payment pages).

The order confirmation page (along with your receipt) calculates all discounts applicable to you and clearly identifies the amount saved against each item.

Q. Are online payments handled securely?

Absolutely. The EI uses SecureTrading Ltd to process all online transactions for this site. For more details about SecureTrading’s security measures, please visit their website: If you have any questions about security on this site, please contact the EI, e:

5. Shipping and fulfilment

Important : all users of this site should refer to the full terms and conditions for purchasing and using documents from the site. Use the link in the left hand toolbar to review this agreement. See also Section 6 below.

PDF purchases

Documents supplied in Adobe PDF format are issued as single user documents to you, the registered account holder). A PDF of your document is prepared with a watermark and secured for delivery.

You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase from the EI, with instructions on how to download and your PDF will also be available for download for 12 months. You can retrieve your document from your profile page (in the section called 'my titles'). Please also refer to Section 6 below.

Hard copy purchases

Most hard copy titles available for purchase from this site are supplied by Ashford Colour Press, the EI’s Print on Demand service. Some items (for example, individual copies of Standard Test Methods) are sent direct from the EI Library. The order confirmation page and your receipt will clearly show from where your items are being despatched. Orders for hard copy items will be processed within 10 working days, if you need your items by a specific date please contact before placing your order.

International (excluding UK and Europe), or high value shipments (including UK and Europe) will incur courier charges for shipping. This is to ensure a safe and guaranteed delivery of your order. Shipping costs are calculated against the full value of your hard copies ordered, before discounts. The following table shows the current estimated charges for shipping:

Shipping to:

Shipping cost and method

UK (orders under £200)

£5.00, standard mail

UK (orders between £200-£800)

£8.50, courier despatch if value is over £500

UK (orders over £800)

Free shipping, courier

Western Europe (orders under £200)

£10.00, standard mail

Western Europe (orders between £200-£800)

£17.50, courier despatch if value is over £500

Western Europe (orders over £800)

Free shipping, courier

Rest of Europe (orders under £200)

£12.50, standard mail

Rest of Europe (orders between £200-£800)

£20.00, courier despatch if value is over £500

Rest of Europe (orders over £800)

Free shipping, courier

North America (orders under £200)

£17.50, standard mail

North America (orders between £200-£800)

£25.00, courier despatch if value is over £500

North America (orders over £800)

Free shipping, courier

Rest of World (orders under £200)

£17.50, standard mail

Rest of World (orders between £200-£800)

£25.00, courier despatch if value is over £500

Rest of World (orders over £800)

Free shipping, courier

Q. I have ordered a couple of books. When will they arrive?

Please check from where your order is being despatched (indicated on your receipt) and contact us for estimated arrival times:

Energy Institute (EI)

e: t: +44 (0)20 7467 7100 +44 (0)20 7467 7100

Please quote your receipt number in all correspondence.

Q. I really need to get hold of a book fast. Can you make this happen?

The easiest way to get hold of information fast is to buy the document you require as a PDF download, as you should be able to download your copy within a few minutes of ordering. However, not all titles on this website are available electronically.

In these instances, we recommend that you contact the EI before ordering (contact details shown above), to find the fastest method of delivery and to confirm despatch times and costs.

6. Information about licences and subscriptions for online content

Important : all users of this site should refer to the full terms and conditions for purchasing and using documents from this site. Click here to review this agreement.

All documents purchased through this site are issued in Adobe PDF format with a single user licence. Licences are issued to your user account , which is printed on the PDF (an email address).

If you require a multi user licence, or wish to purchase a document on behalf of someone else, you must contact the EI first, specifying your requirements to obtain the correct licence e:

Subscriptions are also available for most types of EI publications online.

Q. I have just purchased a PDF document. Can I send this file to my colleagues or print off copies for their use?

No, you cannot do this without prior consent from the EI. This would be in breach of the licence agreement you agreed to when purchasing the document, and contravenes Copyright Law. Any breach of the agreement will be investigated, as the EI treats seriously any infringement of the licence agreement or Copyright Law and may seek compensation from you if you are found to be in contravention.

In order to supply the document to others, please contact the EI about obtaining a multi-user licence for the document. Simply drop us a line, stating your needs, and that you’d like to be able to issue the document to a group of people. e:

Q. Are multi user licences expensive?

No, multi user licences work out to be an extremely cost effective and efficient way of making sure everybody has the information they need to hand. Additional licences are calculated at a fraction of the cost of the single user licence price. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements and we’ll customise the licence agreement to your needs – e: for further information

Q: What is the difference between a multi user licence and a subscription?

Multi-user licences are best for issuing single documents to a group of people.

Subscriptions are ideal if you tend to use a range of EI content on a regular basis, or wish to ensure that you have access to all the latest content as soon as it’s published. If this is the case, we recommend taking up a subscription.

Subscriptions are customised to your requirements and remove the need to purchase documents on an individual basis. You can specify a combination of documents, content areas or series as part of your subscription. Whether the subscription is just for you, your department, or your entire company, we’re able to provide you and your colleagues with access to all the information you need, when you need it. It’s cost effective and easy to use too!

For more information about subscriptions, contact the EI Publications team


7. Refunds and returns

Refunds and returns of hard copy products purchased through this site

Credit or refunds will only be given for returns of hard copy products under the following circumstances:

Refunds and returns of digital products purchased through this site

Credit or refunds will only be given for returns of digital products at the discretion of the EI. Reason for the return of digital products must be given. Upon approval, digital products must be sent back to the EI and the original copy must be deleted from your system. Only returns within 60 days of the date of invoice will be considered. Authorization of returns is strictly at the discretion of the EI, and no returns or refunds will be accepted where such authorization has not been given.

8. Stay up to date: newsletters and alerts

Keeping track of all the latest developments, new editions and revisions of EI publications is easy – subscribe to the free EI publications e-newsletter and we’ll send you information about EI publications by email.

Simply register with the site and go to ‘My profile’, then click on the ‘Inform me’ tab to sign up today and receive information, news and special offers for all EI publications. If you only have an interest in a few specific titles, we recommend that you click the ‘inform me about updates to this publication’ tab, available to all registered users on individual title pages.

Q. Can I change my details once I have subscribed?

Certainly. Simply log in to your profile page and change your preferences in the ‘inform me’ tab.

Q. I don’t want to be inundated with emails from other organisations. Do you sell mailing lists?

We promise that the only information you’ll receive will be sent directly from the EI. Your personal details are protected from unauthorised users and your privacy will be fully respected, in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.

Q: I have a question that’s not answered here. Can you help me?

A: Send in your queries to the EI Publishing Team, who’ll be able to assist you with any questions you may have about this website. 

Publishing Team
Energy Institute
61 New Cavendish Street
t: +44 (0) 20 7467 7100 +44 (0) 20 7467 7100

Important information for booksellers and agents

1. General

A 10% discount is available on most EI publications for booksellers and agents.

All purchasers, including booksellers, should note that all items ordered though this site must be paid for, in advance of delivery, online.

2. Information about ordering

At present this website does not offer any discounting scheme to Booksellers. If you wish to place an order for EI Publications using this website (e.g. for the purposes of speed and ease), you may do so. If you wish to receive a bookseller’s discount, please contact the EI Publishing Team within 7 days of purchasing: e:

All standard terms and conditions will apply to your order.

3a. Digital document purchases – single user licences

If you wish to purchase electronic (PDF) documents for your clients online, you must follow the procedure specified here.

This website issues single user licences for any electronic documents purchased online. Due to licencing controls, this website does not have the facility for booksellers to specify third party names for licences. All documents issued on the site are registered in the name of the purchaser. Therefore, the original document you purchase must not be sent out to your customer. If you do so, you will be in breach of the single user licence agreement.

Instead, please contact the EI’s Publishing Team by email (e:, clearly stating the name of the person intended for receipt of the document and their contact email address. In return, the EI transfer the document to your customer (the licenced user) and issue a user name and password for their use on our website. Documents will be available for customers to download for one year.

Please ensure that your customer is aware of the licence controls on electronic documents purchased though this site, and that they have given you the correct name of the recipient for the purchase.

Please note that the EI will treat any information about your customer as confidential. We will not contact your client(s) directly, as a result of any information you supply, without your permission.

3b. Digital document purchases – multi user licences

It is not possible to buy multi user licences automatically though this site. If your customer requires a departmental or company licence for documents, please contact the EI direct to confirm the requirements and costs. e: