Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds is a toolkit designed to facilitate cultural change within organisations. By improving the safety culture, we can influence the behaviours of the workforce and managers, and improve the way safety is managed by the organisation. Hearts and Minds is intended to help organisations to improve their performance by:

  • 1. Leading the way – the ‘route to the top’ of the safety culture ladder.
  • 2. Providing the process and tools to get everyone involved and to facilitate behavioural change – the necessary components of a solution.

The Hearts and Minds toolkit contains resources to help organisations manage key challenges in creating a truly proactive and generative approach to HSE management:

  • - Measure and understand your cultural level
  • - Create plans to improve
  • - Address the reasons why rules get broken – bad procedures and the working environment
  • - Instil safety leadership in leaders and supervisors
  • - Learn from incidents
  • - Manage risks effectively

In addition, the Hearts and Minds website contains a vast amount of information on using Hearts and Minds, and lots of free resources, including videos and presentations.