Guidance on meeting expectations of EI Process safety management framework

Process safety management (PSM) is vital in ensuring safe and continued operations in major accident hazard (MAH) organisations. However, recent incidents have outlined that a holistic understanding of the many factors of PSM is required to effectively ensure, and measure, performance.

In 2010, the Energy Institute (EI) published High level framework for process safety management (PSM framework). This framework focuses on defining what good PSM should involve. 

Following on from this publication, the EI Guidance on meeting expectations of EI Process safety management framework series of publications provides a process to help organisations ensure they meet the expectations set out for each of the 20 elements of the PSM framework. Each element will be covered by its own publication in order to help organisations manage process safety more effectively.

As these documents are released, they will be made available as free downloads. They will also be available to purchase in hard copy. Please follow the relevant document link and sign in to access.

Element 1: Leadership, commitment and responsibility - Oct 2013 

Element 2: Identification and compliance with legislation and industry standards - Oct 2013

Element 3: Employee selection, placement and competency, and health assurance - Jan 2014

Element 4: Workforce involvement - Jan 2014

Element 5: Communication with stakeholders - Jan 2014

Element 6: Hazard identification and risk assessment - Sep 2014

Element 7: Documentation, records and knowledge management - Mar 2014

Element 8: Operating manuals and procedures - May 2014

Element 9: Process and operational status monitoring, and handover - May 2014

Element 10: Management of operational interfaces -Oct 2014

Element 11: Standards and practices - Nov 2014

Element 12: Management of change and project management - Sep 2015

Element 13: Operational readiness and process start-up

Element 14: Emergency preparedness - Sep 2015

Element 15: Inspection and maintenance - Sep 2015

Element 16: Management of safety critical devices - Sep 2015

Element 17: Work control, permit to work and task risk management

Element 18: Contractor and supplier, selection and management

Element 19: Incident reporting and investigation - May 2015

Element 20: Audit, assurance, management review and intervention

For a full list of the EI's process safety titles, click here.