IP Test Methods: Appendix A. Specifications - IP standard thermometers

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  • Method adopted/last revised: 2008
  • Method reapproved: None
  • REF/ISBN: App-A-2938621
  • Status: Current
  • First printed in STM books: February 2017

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These specifications cover glass thermometers required in IP Standards and graduated in Celsius degrees. The thermometers shall conform to the following general requirements and to the detailed specifications listed. Purchasers should not accept thermometers as complying with these specifications because they are marked with IP markings, as these inscriptions are identification marks and do not necessarily constitute a guarantee. Thermometers with other identification marks may be used provided they conform to all the other requirements of the specification. Purchasers should satisfy themselves that the permissible scale errors, given in the table of special requirements, have not been exceeded. It is essential that thermometers be marked with a material resistant to the action of hot petroleum products.

The format of the specification has been changed to conform with that agreed with ASTM in order to facilitate the harmonization of thermometers used in IP and ASTM methods. Thermometers numbered in the form ASTM x/IP y are those where the details have been agreed and are identical in the IP and ASTM handbooks. Such thermometers continue to be placed in the table according to their IP number. A list of these thermometers appears in Annex B together with thermometers that are comparable but still differ in certain details. All temperature measurements should be traceable to the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (see Annex A).

Includes an Informative note on the Restrictions on the supply and use of Mercury in Glass thermometers.

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