Guidelines on the corrosion management of offshore oil and gas production facilities: addressing asset ageing and life extension (ALE)

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  • Published: June 2017
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852937112
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

This publication provides engineering guidance on corrosion management practices recommended for aged plant. The principal objectives of the guidance are to:

  • Raise awareness that corrosion management systems need to evolve (in late life) if risk is to continue to be managed successfully.
  • Identify industry good practice for corrosion management of aged plant.
  • Provide additional guidance on how the dominant corrosion threats might vary during the ageing process.

The publication has been structured to align with the EI’s Guidance for corrosion management in oil and gas production and processing; this guidance should be consulted and understood before considering the practices recommended in this publication.

The guidance introduces a combination of additional practices, and emphasises where existing practice EI Guidance for corrosion management in oil and gas production and processing might require refinement to achieve optimised management of aged plant. This publication bridges the gap between the existing corrosion management guidance and that required to support the industry step change being driven by the HSE KP4. The publication should therefore help duty holders identify potential gaps and provide guidance on how improvements might be implemented, where required, to their existing corrosion management system. The publication also provides reference material to practising corrosion engineers, particularly to support threat management practices in late life.

It applies to offshore installations (including process plant, utilities and supporting structures), pipelines, risers and subsea gathering, manifolds and processing systems, and onshore plant for reception, separation and stabilisation. It excludes wells, trees and drilling equipment.

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