Guidance for life extension of unbonded flexible pipe systems

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  • Published: October 2021
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787252769
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

This publication provides guidance for life extension of unbonded flexible pipe in the offshore oil and gas industry, to facilitate good practice throughout the industry. It builds on the Sureflex JIP, and provides specific guidance relating to the life extension phase of flexible pipe system life cycle. Whilst it is assumed that no handling or recovery of a pipe system shall be performed, the guidance may also be used to support reuse applications where applicable.

This guidance focuses on conventional flexible pipe products with metallic armour layers, but also takes into account the various ancillary components that form a flexible pipe system. It is not intended to provide an overview or introduction to flexible pipe technology, but rather assumes that individuals reading the report have a general knowledge of the design, manufacture, and operational aspects of flexible pipe, e.g.:

  • API Specification 17J Specification for unbonded flexible pipe, and Recommended
    Practice 17B Recommended practice for flexible pipe, for flexible pipe.
  • API Specification 17L1 Specification for flexible pipe ancillary equipment, and
    Recommended Practice 17L2 Recommended practice for flexible pipe ancillary
    equipment, for flexible pipe ancillary equipment.
  • Sureflex JIP Flexible pipe integrity management guidance and good practice, detailing
    industry guidance and good practice relating to flexible pipe integrity management,
    • global industry experience of use, degradation, damage, and failure of flexible
    • review of flexible pipe inspection and monitoring technology, and
    • life cycle integrity management guidance, and operator experience.

Nonetheless, the guidance is intended to be standalone, with supporting references, to assist the life extension assessment of flexible pipe systems. The guidance is not intended to specify a minimum standard, as most flexible pipe systems have their unique challenges with specific integrity issues to be addressed. However, it does provide a framework for life extension, consistent with a risk-based approach to integrity management, which can be utilised to consider system-specific threats to life extension.

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