EI 1540 Design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and testing of aviation fuelling facilities

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  • Published: October 2014
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852937082
  • Edition: 5th
  • Status: New

This publication provides guidance on the siting, layout, design, construction, testing, commissioning and maintenance of aircraft fuelling facilities at commercial airports, including refuellers, hydrant servicers and ancillary equipment.

It addresses safe design practices, environmental protection and operating efficiency in its recommendations and is primarily intended for designers, constructors and commissioning operators of new build and refurbished fuelling facilities. The recommendations should also be considered by facility owners and operators as part of continuous improvement reviews, and the recommendations for facility/equipment maintenance considered by all existing operators.

This 5th edition has been thoroughly reviewed and updated, and includes:

  • A new section on hydrant system design and construction.
  • New information on product recovery tanks and additive injection systems.
  • Expanded information on depot (e.g. fuel farm) commissioning.
  • Expanded information on maintenance and testing, including vehicle inspections.

EI 1540 is suitable for adoption worldwide, forming one of the key references in the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Doc 9977 Manual on civil aviation jet fuel supply.

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