Controlling the risk from static electricity - DVD training tool

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  • Published: April 2013
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852936429
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Status: New

Static electricity is a phenomenon most of us will have experienced. In industrial environments, where flammable atmospheres are present, it can have devastating effects. To complement EI Model code of safe practice Part 21: Guidelines for the control of hazards arising from static electricity, the EI has also produced Controlling the risk from static electricity, a DVD training tool, which communicates key concepts around static charge generation and the control measures in place within the petroleum industry to reduce static electric ignition risk.

This 12 minute video explains what static electricity is, how static electric charge can be generated and what can be done to control it. It has been developed to explain key fuels storage and handling principles in a practical, non-technical way, for a wide ranging audience across the petroleum industry.  

The video will add value to any site induction materials, tool box talks, training courses and other initiatives where static electricity will be discussed, and is relevant to refinery, distribution terminal, onshore pipeline, road tanker and filling station operations. 

Discounts are available for bulk orders (5+ copies). Please contact the EI for more details. e:

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