Ethanol effects on the fate and transport of gasoline constituents in the UK

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  • Published: July 2012
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852936283
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

Ethanol is broadly being used as both a fuel oxygenate in reformulated gasoline and as an alternative fuel/fuel supplement.  Currently in the UK, the use of ethanol for this purpose is limited but could rise in an effort to meet the requirements of the European Biofuels Directive (EC, 2003).  Because of this, there is a need to understand the risks from ethanol-containing fuel could pose to water resources and/or other receptors to ensure that these risks can be managed appropriately.  This report presents work conducted to address this requirement.

The key objectives of this study were to improve the understanding of potential environmental risks associated with current and future use of ethanol in gasoline in the UK.  As well as to determine whether the current and future use of ethanol in gasoline alters the conclusions from previous EI assessments on the risks posed by ether oxygenates usage in the UK.  This is achieved through both a literature review as well as predictive modelling work.

This report will be of particular interest to anyone concerned with environmental protection and the assessment of environmental impacts of ethanol.

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