Guidance on development, implementation and improvement of quality systems in petroleum laboratories

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  • Method reapproved: None
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852935521
  • Status: Current
  • First printed in STM books: January 2010

Provides a practical guide for those establishing a quality system in their laboratory, or to provide them with a means of ensuring that the quality system they have in place meets well established quality standards. It has been produced to enable a wide range of laboratory personnel to appreciate the requirements of a robust quality system without needing to have expert knowledge.

This publication is divided into two parts:

Part A  - provides a literature review that summarises the sources of guidance on laboratory quality topics and is designed to act as a reference for laboratory quality advisors and managers.

Part B  - provides guidance on procedures and best practices for specific laboratory quality topics. The topics were selected as areas for further guidance as existing quality documentation was not considered sufficiently detailed or specific to petroleum laboratories.

This publication is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all aspects of laboratory quality in petroleum laboratories. However, it may be of particular interest to laboratory quality advisors and managers.

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