Research report: Human factors guidance and checklists to improve procurement of goods and equipment

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  • Published: May 2022
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787253124
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

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Companies spend a large proportion of their revenue on procuring the products needed to run their businesses safely and efficiently. It is self-evident that those products, from basic hand tools to sophisticated machines, from everyday work clothing to personal protective equipment (PPE), should not, through flaws in their specification or design, increase the risk of accidents or unsafe conditions for their users – or anyone else. Products should also be resilient to any reasonably foreseeable incorrect use or non-standard use, for example, by someone other than the designated user. Ideally, each product should also be satisfying to use and promote workforce motivation, job satisfaction and not be the cause of stress or physical or mental overload.

This report provides the knowledge and practical tools required to ensure that procurement decisions are properly focused on user requirements. A user-focused approach also supports organisations' commercial considerations for cost-effective solutions by highlighting the costs associated with acquiring unsuitable goods and materials.

This guidance is intended for:
− those who know little about human factors (HF) or how to apply its principles to ensure the usability of a product, and
− those with some knowledge of HF but need guidance on the specific topics relating to procurement.

Human factors procurement checklists

Download the Human factors procurement checklists

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