Human factors standards for facility design: Early design quick reference guide

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  • Published: February 2024
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787254060
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

Human factors considerations (ergonomics, anthropometry, etc.) are key to good facility design; however, too often human factors is not considered early enough in the design life cycle, despite there being numerous human factors design standards published. The large number of standards may make it difficult to understand what the human factors requirements are when designing various plant items.

This publication was developed to summarise key design requirements and considerations, as described by commonly used human factors design standards, and common industry good practice. This publication covers nine areas of facility design, covering walkways, ladders, stairways, wash stations, common hazards such as hot and cold surfaces, valves, lifting areas, and aspects of accommodation and control rooms.

Each section includes illustrations of various facility areas and items with measurements (in metric and imperial units), hazards and other key information highlighted, along with simple to follow text outlining key requirements and industry good practice.

The guidance should be broadly applicable to various types of energy sector site, including upstream, downstream, onshore, offshore, renewable, non-renewable, etc.

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