Managing major accident hazard risks (people, plant and environment) during organisational change

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  • Published: March 2020
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787250826
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

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This publication covers organisational change that comes from changes in technology and operations, as well as discrete changes in business organisation, staffing and management. Whilst MoC procedures may cover technical and operational change, this publication provides guidance on how to recognise and manage the organisational aspects of these changes. A small process change may have a limited impact, such as a need to update procedures and training. A large organisational change, such as moving specialist staff away from a facility, may have a greater organisational impact, thereby limiting the opportunity for local collaboration.

It aims to help organisations successfully manage the major accident risk aspects of organisational change, including:

  • how to recognise change;
  • what is a suitable form and level of assessment;
  • what are the techniques for achieving a safe process of organisational change;
  • what are the responsibilities of key people with respect to managing the safety aspect of organisational change;
  • when to seek specialist help, and
  • what are the indicators of good and poor practice.

This publication is for use by business team managers, human resources, maintenance and operations leads, project managers and planners, as well as safety and regulatory persons.

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