HM 21. Calculation procedures for static and dynamic measurement of light hydrocarbon liquids (LNG, LPG, ethylene, propylene and butadienes)

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  • Published: April 2021
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787252455
  • Edition: 4th
  • Status: Current

This publication covers calculation procedures associated with the static measurement of LNG cargoes for ship from or to shore, refrigerated and ambient temperature LPG, and related products such as ethylene, propylene and butadiene, both in bulk storage tanks and in metering systems.

This standard replaces and considerably extends, the EI’s original publication on calculation procedures for light hydrocarbon liquids, Part XII, Section 1, which was published as IP 251/76, Petroleum measurement manual: static measurement of refrigerated hydrocarbon liquids Pt.12. The revised edition details calculations for the measurement in both static and dynamic operations of refrigerated and ambient temperature LPG and LNG related products.

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