Research report: Literature review of asset integrity in repurposing natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen – Phase 1A

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  • Published: October 2023
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787253957
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

This report serves as an addendum to a prior study conducted for the Energy Institute a Phase 1 study, titled "Research Report: Literature Review of Asset Integrity in Repurposing Existing Natural Gas Infrastructure for Hydrogen." The Phase 1 report identified gaps and areas requiring further research to ensure the safe repurposing of natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen. The purpose of this follow up report, Phase 1A was to identify and highlight ongoing or future technical projects worldwide that aim to address some of these identified gaps.

This Phase 1A report categorises the gaps into three main topics: Hydrogen and Materials, Operation of a Hydrogen Network, and Inspection, Maintenance, and Integrity Management Requirements. The specific gaps are summarised, as are the current projects working to address them, along with a brief of the status of each gap. It also notes that much of the ongoing work is still in progress, and results have not yet been standardised or widely disseminated.

The report emphasises the global nature of these projects, with significant efforts underway in Europe and Australasia, as well as growing interest in North America. While there is substantial work being done, the report notes that many projects are limited in scope and may not fully address all the identified gaps. Furthermore, it highlights the need for greater cross-industry collaboration and knowledge sharing to advance the field.

In conclusion, the report acknowledges that while ongoing projects are making progress, no single project has fully addressed all the identified gaps. A future Management of Change (MoC) guideline is anticipated to quantify these unknowns and offer advice on addressing them for specific assets.

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