Code of safe practice for contractors and retailers managing contractors working on filling stations

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  • Published: May 2020
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787251878
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

This publication is intended for all contractors, subcontractors and self-employed persons who are required to carry out work on a filling station, and for retailers who are required to manage contractors whilst on their premises. It focuses on safety and good practice procedures whilst referencing relevant health and safety legislation and facilitates understanding of the inherent dangers and precautions necessary in such work, therefore allowing contractors to assess the risks involved to themselves, to their employees, and to others who may be affected by the work, including other contractors, customers to the premises, the general public, and property owners in the vicinity. It also highlights the dangers and best practices of dealing with the physical entry into empty but unclean underground or above ground horizontal petroleum storage tanks.

This publication covers all work likely to be carried out by specialist contractors (as used for the fuel infrastructure or tank entry) or general contractors trained for working in a service station environment, whether or not the normal operation of the filling station is affected. This could involve disturbance of any of the fabric of the site, the electrical systems, services of the tanks, pipework and dispensers. It could involve civil works of any kind, especially where such works include excavation within the curtilage of the premises, or in close proximity to it. This publication does not cover other aspects of the operation of a filling station.

This document supersedes two Energy Institute (EI) publications: Code of Safe Practice for contractors and retailers managing contractors working on filling stations and Code of practice for entry into underground storage tanks at filling stations.

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