Guidelines for road tanker drivers' emergency actions on road tanker loading racks

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  • Published: March 2016
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852937600
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Status: Current

Drivers of petroleum product road tankers may be called upon to load their vehicles at road loading facilities owned by a number of different operating companies. There may be differences in the emergency instructions given to drivers at the sites owing to variations in equipment and company policies. If an emergency occurs, these differences may lead to confusion and incorrect actions by visiting drivers, thereby increasing the risk to personal safety and property.

This document outlines recommended harmonised core emergency procedures to be adopted in the event of emergencies occurring at loading racks during the loading of petroleum road tankers. Observance of these procedures will encourage a consistent emergency response at all terminals and enhance the safety of drivers who load vehicles at installations operated by different companies.

The primary consideration of this guidance is the safety of the drivers and others carrying out loading of petroleum road tankers with petroleum main fuels products at the time of an emergency. It is emphasised that the guidance is directed at drivers loading at host sites. Companies may also elect to issue modified guidance to their own drivers, adopting similar basic principles.

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