Engaging contractors: Partnership approaches to improving safety in the power industry

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  • Published: June 2022
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787253322
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Status: Current

This publication was developed in response to demand from operators and contractors within the power generation sector, recognising that the safe and effective engagement of contractor resources represents a substantial responsibility for everyone in the industry. It provides guidance on how clients' companies can engage (manage and work with) contractors in a safe and effective way. While not specific to any national legislation, its structure is aligned with the UK's The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM), which is the typical way construction-type projects (including outages) are conducted in the power sector. As such, it covers the main phases of a construction-type project, from contractor selection to construction and project hand-over. This second edition also includes new material on managing fatigue, ageing workforce, diverse workforces and travel, as well as new content on safety critical task analysis and collaborative contracting.

The intended users include power generation companies and the contractors that provide services and resources within the power generation sector. This guide applies to all forms of power generation, including renewable (biomass, hydro, wind, solar, geothermal), fossil fuels (gas, petroleum and coal) and nuclear. The guidance should be equally applicable for other sectors.

This second edition merges the good practices covered in the first edition (taken from workshop discussions and industry case studies) with the guidance covered in Managing contractors: A guide for the energy industry. As such, this guide supersedes both the 2014 edition, and Managing contractors: A guide for the energy industry, to provide a much more comprehensive guide on contractor engagement and management.

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