Guidelines for offshore oil and gas installations that are not permanently attended

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  • Published: June 2010
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852935644
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Current

Developed to assist operators with the safe and efficient design and operation of non-permanently attended installations (NPAI).

This document provides all those involved in the design and operation of NPAIs with guidance on how to optimise the commercial aspects of operating, whilst maintaining safe and environmentally acceptable practice through encouraging the use of risk based decision making and through provision of knowledge and experience.

All stages of the NPAI lifecycle are covered. The guidance provided is specifically aimed at assisting:

  • Designers of new installations that will be operated as NPAIs or may be transformed to NPAI status after a period of operating as PAIs.
  • Existing NPAI (new or transformed) operating companies, or those that have acquired an existing NPAI.
  • Project personnel planning a combined or connected operation with a NPAI to ensure suitable and sufficient effort is made to integrate the physical structures and safety management systems (SMS) of the NPAI operating company and the third party.
  • Those involved with the transition of an installation from NPAI status to PAI status, re-use or decommissioning.

Although instigated by, and produced for, the UK offshore industry, the guidance is applicable to similar industries throughout the world. It may also be useful to those involved in other types of unstaffed industrial facilities (eg offshore wind farms).

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