Guidelines for the design, installation and management of small bore tubing assemblies

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  • Published: May 2013
  • REF/ISBN: 9780852936511
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Status: Current

This publication provides good practice for the management of integrity of Small Bore Tubing (SBT) assemblies throughout their entire life cycle with the aim of maintaining their safety and integrity as well as the systems in which they are deployed. It is a substantially revised version of the 1st edition (June, 2000) and aims to assist all personnel involved with the design, installation, inspection and maintenance of SBT assemblies, including those involved in operations, site management, and those having specific safety and integrity roles with their organisation.

This 2nd edition applies to onshore and offshore oil and gas processing plants, petroleum refineries, power generation stations and petrochemical plants. Included amongst the amended contents, are revised design guidance developed from recent research on how to avoid fatigue failure from static and dynamic loading, tubing support, component metallurgy, and a much enhanced section on on training and competency.

Although prepared primarily for use by the petroleum, process and petrochemical industries in the United Kingdom, the principles and practices are likely to be applicable to similar industries worldwide.

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