G+ Integrated Offshore Emergency Response (G+ IOER) Good practice guidelines for offshore renewable energy developments

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  • Published: November 2023
  • REF/ISBN: 978 1 78725 398 8
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Status: Current

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This document has been produced to share good practice within the offshore renewable energy industry. It aims to provide a structure for accountable organisations to identify offshore renewable risks and the contingency measures that are required to enable an appropriate response. The document sets out an approach that all accountable organisations are encouraged to apply, taking into account the specific risk profile of their projects and their legal and contractual obligations.

This document does not provide templates that can be copied; rather it provides a methodology which, if followed, will provide guidance on how to respond to incidents using own resources, emergency service assets and working together to prepare and respond to adjoining offshore incidents. Finally, it will recommend how to train for incidents and to ensure that lessons identified from real, and simulated events, are acted on and shared with all stakeholders.

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