Guidance on the application of Wind Turbine Safety Rules

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  • Published: November 2021
  • REF/ISBN: 9781787252851
  • Edition: 4th
  • Status: Current

These guidance notes are intended to assist in the application of the 4th Edition 2021 Wind Turbine Safety Rules, (subsequently referred to as the Wind Turbine Safety Rules, WTSR or simply the Rules). No attempt is made to offer additional guidance to a requirement which is thought to be self evident; further explanation is offered when it is thought to be helpful in the interpretation of a
particular requirement.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the Rules, and any guidance will have reference to the relevant section. Persons who are responsible for the implementation of the Wind Turbine Safety Rules are advised that a satisfactory procedure should be adopted to enable amendments or revisions to be incorporated within copies of the Rules under their control. In addition guidance has been included on:
(i) completion of approved written procedures (AWPs), and
(ii) training of persons with designated responsibilities under the Rules

The guidance on the 'completion of AWPs' appears as Addendums B1 and B2 which aim to identify the generally accepted good practice for their completion. The Wind Turbine Safety Rules Support Procedure P6, 'Procedure for appointment of persons', defines minimum standards for training. Guidance on the structure of a formal training programme to achieve these standards is contained in Addendum C1 of this Guidance. Throughout the Wind Turbine Safety Rules the term 'work or testing' has been used. Under H&S Law the term 'work' includes testing, but in order to clarify this point both terms have been adopted. The WTSR are in reality trying to emphasise the point that testing must be treated in the same way as work and therefore clarify that the same safety precautions are required for testing as are required for work. To restate the point, the Wind Turbine Safety Rules must be applied equally whether carrying out work or whether undertaking testing.

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