HM 14. Meter Proving. Section 5: Recommended UK operational practice for proving gantry meters fitted with electronic heads

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  • Published: December 1991
  • REF/ISBN: 9780471931980
  • Edition: 1st
  • Status: Obsolete

This publication has been superseded by HM 11, 2nd ed.

In order to ensure that a meter is reading accurately it is necessary to carry out periodically a test or series of tests in which its readings are compared with measurements obtained from proving equipment which is traceable to national standards. A primary objective of this publication is to promote uniformity and consistency both in the proving of gantry meters and in the interpretation of the results.

This publication describes procedures applicable to positive displacement gantry meters road and rail fitted with electronic heads and proved by reference meter or volumetric proving tank In this context the electronic head is defined as an intelligent electronic counter with real time data processing and conditioning; a batch control or preset facility may also be fitted.

Formerly PMM Part X, S5, reapproved 1996.

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